Dear DREPers,

In July, DREP team dived deeper into the NFT application. Much far-reaching and popular NFT development issues were explored further in DREP’s view this month.

In terms of technical products, DREP has already build the infrastructure of higher-level NFT using. DREP is a leading the trend of on-chain and cross-chain solution, making transactions more convenient and user-friendly. These two mechanisms can provide direct access to block explorer for users to check on-chain transactions easily. On the basis of that, DREP managed to create an ideal environment to optimize NFT design and reduce its risks. So far we have…

NFT’s using scenarios and diversified assets

The “Broken Circle” of NFT and the Nature behind it

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of NFT, people’s minds keep blowing. Nowadays, NFT has realized its function of “breaking the circle across borders”, and can be applied to such scenarios as games, virtual assets, artworks, collectibles and identity authentication, and can be purchased, sold, leased and auctioned on some trading platforms. For the cryptocurrency market, NFT will undoubtedly bring us infinite opportunities and unknown risks.

From real assets to virtual assets

Since the incident of “burning paintings to make NFT, which was finally sold at a high price…

Why is DREP digging into this area

  • Current problems in intangible assets

An intangible asset is an asset that is not physical in nature. Goodwill, brand recognition and intellectual properties, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, are all intangible assets, unlike tangible assets, which include land, vehicles, equipment, and inventory. Sounds fancy, right? Wait, managing the intangibles can prove to be quite tricky.

Due to their exclusiveness, intangible assets can be easily attacked and stolen, usually in the forms of fraud and cyber attack. The negative effects stretch from individual to corporational, sometimes even international. Take kimchi culture. China and…

Dear DREPers,

In June, the DREP team has committed to the optimization and innovation of its Defi+NFT project.

In terms of technical products, DREP is building a Defi+NFT service network. We launched DREP Crossing, an ultimate solution to NFT cross-chain swap & multi assets circulation, and introduced DREP Credit application into many aspects of our product lines. Since the introduction of DREP 2.0, …

1.DREP’s Recent Technological Update

The current situation of Defi&NFT

Over the past year, DeFi has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and is redefining the future of finance. The underlying infrastructure that powers financial applications is undergoing major changes. As DeFi is changing the way we think about authority, control, transparency and risks, it also exerts certain challenges to consumers in terms of user experience, safety, transaction rollback, trusteeship, etc.; and to developers in ways of CRM, communication, participation analysis, identification, etc.

Under the present policy, NFT is in a relatively delicate status. Although didn’t receive a direct blow, NFT…

Dear DREPers,

In May, the DREP team worked on the development of DREP 2.0 product line.

In terms of technical products, DREP Foundation has worked on the establishment of DREP 2.0 product line and began to introduce its Credit Oracle, which is in line with the latest DREP roadmap issued earlier in March. Shortly after the announcement of the DREP 2.0’s upgrade plan, DREP has built up a rich partnership portfolio. DREP created an innovative integration between Defi products and NFT, on the basis of which DREP will continue to explore more possibilities on a Defi Credit Middleware. …

1. Middleware for a credit data network

With the launching of DREP2.0 plan, DREP has taken its way to the establishment of DeFi Credit Protocol. The protocol will aim to create a brand new ecology after the redenomination of DERP tokens encircling implementation of DREP DID network, Cross-protocol Credit Granting and Credit Transfer, and future Verifiable White List. The upgrading is not only a re-distribution and re-mapping of our previous product line, but also a breakthrough in exploring outer-Crypto world and realistic businesses and finance transactions. This new DeFi Credit Era is beginning with DREP Credit.

DREP Credit is a…

Notice: The verification period of DREP Credit Reward Program in May has started from 2021–05–31 12AM (UTC+8), which will be lasting for less than 2 days. Please be kindly informed that your contribution rewards & credit balance will be announced via DREP Credit Bot after the verification has been done. All qualified participants will receive the notifications to claim your rewards through

Please make sure all the required missions remain completed before the verification ends. You can find more participation rules under the [Mission] menu.

Step 1: Open the link

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Please make sure…

Dear DREPers,

In April, the DREP team has completed many vital upgrade plans.

In terms of technical products, DREP has completed DREP 2.0 upgrade on Ethreum as well as other exchanges; DREP Crossing launched on Ethereum, BSC, Heco chain, Gate-Chain. DREP Crossing, a trustworthy, transparent and convenient cross-chain swap solution for decentralised assets, effectively and innovatively reduces barriers in cross-chain swap and multiple assets circulation. In the future, DREP will add more practical and innovative functions based on users’ feedback.

In terms of ecosystem, DREP has completed the DREP 100:1 redenomination plan. Binance as well as other exchanges have opened…

Dear DREPers,

In March, the DREP team focused on the development of DREP ecosystem.

In terms of technical products, DREP officially introduced the DREP 2.0 product line and released a detailed roadmap on March 19: DREP is initiating an upgrade from frictionless blockchain toolkits to DeFi Credit Protocol. DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, which will change the single method of credit enhancement in the DeFi field through over-collateralization, and enhance the multidimensional credit investigation of DeFi user portraits. Moreover, as DREP’s infrastructure, the DREP chain has been optimized specifically in its nodes-producing stability; the…

DREP Foundation

DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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