Introducing DREP Turkish Ambassador Program — Bring in Insights and Share Values

  1. Create a Twitter post about DREP
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. Check your email for shortlisting
  4. Complete tasks
  5. Win role and top prizes

Eligibility and Criteria

  1. Have multi-language proficiency in English and Turkish
  2. Have 1k+ followings on social media
  3. Know DREP project well and are highly engaged in all DREP channels
  4. Proactive of planning on or coordinating DREP promotional activities
  5. Good at Multi-media and can spread the word about DREP project in innovative ways

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. You should help reply to comments, engage members, and coordinate events in DREP Turkish community.
  2. You will support DREP team on Twitter, Telegram and other social platforms to spread DREP’s words, and extend the reach of DREP wherever possible.
  3. You are expected to offer suggestions of possible community events and discover high-quality partners, i.e. projects or individuals, for co-promotion and integration. We will be willingly receptive to any of your constructive and thoughtful suggestions on how to promote DREP project in the long term.
  1. You can create original content in either English or Turkish, listed but not limited to videos, introduction decks, digital arts, articles relevant to DREP, etc., to increase DREP’s social presence and community influence.
  2. You can create infectious and informative content of DREP on any of your social platforms, to give subscribers exposure to DREP project, and help expand the user base of DREP products.
  1. Try out the new versions of our product earlier than public testers
  2. Offer descriptive feedback and first-hand experience to the dev team, to help improve the product and support iterations.

Ambassador Benefits

  1. Early access to DREP’s updates and newly published products.
  2. Chances to win exclusive DREP bounties, rewards, token bonus, and more.
  3. Opportunities to interact with DREP core team and project partners.
  4. Attend DREP internal meetings and public events as a recognized DREP ambassador.
  5. Monthly grant and extra rewards based on the quality and frequency of your contributions to the communities.

Selection Process

  1. Create an original post about DREP. This will be your admission requirement to this program, and also a critical consideration during your shortlisting process. You will need to provide the link to the post in your application form.
  2. Nominate yourself, fill the form here:
  1. Invite as many new users to DREP official telegram group with the invite link assigned by the team.
  2. Invite as many new users as you can to follow @DREP Turkey on Tiktok and @DREP Official on twitter, please keep the proof of your effort for further assessment.
  3. Post at least 3 contents about DREP on Twitter or Tiktok, and be sure to @DrepOfficial or @drep_turkey on Tiktok.

General Rules

  1. English and Turkish content are both acceptable;
  2. Content submitted should be high-quality and original.
  3. We will not accept or condone applicants or accounts that engage in the blatant shilling, sub-par “quantity over quality” approach, or artificial audiences/engagement (bot farms).
  4. Should you have any queries, please contact any team member in the channels below.

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