Exclusive Interview — DREP Meets Web 3.0

The forthcoming wave of Web 3.0 has swept over the cryptocurrency sphere, which cryptographically connects data from individuals, corporations and machines, leading to the rise of fundamentally new markets and associated business models. DREP team endeavors to rise to this inevitable evolution by making breakthroughs alongside our product line. We are even more glad to see our efforts to be recognized when interviewed about multiple perspectives about Web 3.0 that our community is eager to know. Here comes the essence of this exclusive interview:

1. How does DREP team view the future of Web 3.0?

DREP team: Web 3.0 will fundamentally expand the scale and scope of interactions far beyond what we can imagine today. These interactions, ranging from seamless payments to richer information flows, to trusted data transfers, will become possible with a vastly increased range of potential counterparties.

Web 3.0 will enable us to interact with any individual or machine in the world, without having to pass through fee-charging middlemen. This kind of shift will enable a whole new wave of previously unimaginable business models: from global co-operatives to decentralized autonomous organizations and self-sovereign data marketplaces.

Since Web 3.0 is still in its early stages, it requires not only continuous technical improvement, but also the construction of a large amount of decentralized infrastructure, so the DREP team will continue to work on upgrading existing products like DREP Credit Oracle and Credit Explorer, which could simplify node configuration process to help us fit into this inevitable trend and we will also make efforts on developing new products based on web 3.0 concept.

2. How does DREP ecosystem boost the growth of Web 3.0?

DREP team: To facilitate the advancement of Web 3.0, the blockchain network can serve as the underlying technology due to its outstanding credibility, immutability and right confirmation. With a long-term vision for the forthcoming Web 3.0, our team has been making continuous efforts to optimize existing technical products, containing DREP Crossing, DREP Credit DID, DREP Credit Oracle & Credit Explorer and so forth. Besides, we are dedicated to building a user-centric ecosystem with digital authentication, privacy protection, data validation and decentralization, which is in agreement with Web 3.0’s pursuit.

3. What’s the biggest challenge lying ahead for DREP in the Web 3.0 era and how do you intend to overcome them?

DREP team: We are fully aware of the potential concerns and upcoming hurdles along with this incredible era. In brief, the DREP team is determined to develop products innovatively and transform difficulties and challenges into opportunities.

As mentioned before, Web 3.0 aims to engage users in distributed networks based on open protocols. In order to realize decentralized applications and develop their great potential in benefiting the whole industry, the construction of multiple decentralized infrastructures is required. However, it is noteworthy that these infrastructures are difficult to coordinate with each other than expected. Our team has the great confidence to provide an all-around solution to realizing the ultimate goal of Web 3.0, which is to introduce a high level of trust or verifiability into the web.

Apart from sticking to the leading Blockchain Connector and Toolkit in the industry, our team strives to stay apace with the new opportunities. With the revolution of the blockchain industry, the Crypto market has an increasing demand for public chains with more scalable architecture and higher-performance computing. In order to integrate into Web 3.0, DREP team is making great strides in the reinforcement of user identity and self-management of data to endow users with the real value of the web.

4.Currently, what has been prepared for Web 3.0?

DREP team: DREP will continue to improve new distributed underlying protocols and develop more decentralized applications to make Web 3.0 more people-oriented, helping users realize that each of them is the protagonist of web 3.0 and the controller of their personal information. When data returns to individual ownership and privacy is further protected, we are confident that users will be ready to enter Web 3.0.

At present, The DREP team is working relentlessly to reinforce the research on interoperability infrastructures to be a pillar for Web 3.0 era. DREP Explorer has been rather mature. The Explorer is steadily growing and the basic structure is quite solid. DREP has also continued to improve the query and the display interface of contract contents. The page size was compressed further to ensure fast access speed. Optimization of block display and diary outlining are undergoing revolutionary.

5.How does DREP help the users better integrate into the era of Web 3.0?

DREP team: Web 3.0 is an effort to introduce monetary attributes to the Internet, decentralize the entire architecture, give users more control over their digital identities and data, and make the Internet more balanced and democratic, ultimately achieving the dual goals of efficiency and innovation. Having users integrate smoothly into Web 3.0 means starting with optimizing the infrastructure most closely connected to them, namely, the underlying chains, interoperability between chains, clients, wallets, and browsers. A wallet can almost be considered a basic threshold through which users can access the digital world of Web 3.0.

DREP Credit Oracle & Credit Explorer characterizes both the traits of integration of users’ credit data and decentralized delegation. The security of the DREP wallet has been enhanced, in which the wallets configured by block-generating-nodes will be closed by default and only be unlocked and begin generating blocks after the node has been initiated. Nodes’s block generation has been optimized with the node configuration process being simplified. With this improvement, the monitoring nodes no longer need to be configured with the default address to synchronize the block data. The DREP explorer continues to optimize block display and compress the page size to further improve access speed, deliver block query results to users and developers at a faster speed, and optimize the overall user experience.

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