DREP MONTHLY REPORT 8.1–8.31 | DREP NFT Product Launch On Its Way | DREP x CCC.io AMA to Enlighten DREP’s Route into Web 3.0

The Crypto market is in hot water in August, while the central messages of Web 3.0 are revolving around the growing of NFT finance and credit-certified identity. DREP is exploring down the path and reaping fruits amid autumn harvest. Read along to see what DREP has achieved during August.

Technology side, DREP has conceived and currently implemented an NFT utility structure that touches on NFT’s financial value, and exerts its role in reputation-based governance in the futuristic DeSoc based on DREP’s Web 3.0 SDK. Moreover, DREP has seen solid growth driven by products in line with 2022 development roadmap, which will highlight the upcoming release of an NFT killer product.

Ecosystem side, following the winner announcement of DREP Turkish Ambassador program, DREP continues to fuel up momentum to invigorate DREP global communities with more activities. DREP CMO Yana joined CCC’s (Crypto Coin Coach) live interview on Telegram, illustrating how DREP strides towards an outstanding Web 3.0 project and preheating a series of run-up events.

An Up-to-date View of 2022 Achievements

Before delivering the long-awaited NFT product to the masses, DREP has been making side achievements in the first three quarters of 2022. Take a deep look at DREP development checklist and you’ll find, that we’ve completed part of 2.0 product upgrade, e.g. DREP Credit 2.0, and created data aggregation plug-ins, innovative models such as VC and NFT-backed DID models etc., and some advanced features of DREP NFT product have also come to the finalising stage of development.

Unlock Mass NFT Adoption in DeFi and DID Era

As a fundamental part of web3, NFT is a raw treasury that awaits discovery. While DREP has been eyeing on uncovering the hidden potential of NFTs beyond digital art and has been working to build different tools to unleash its financial and utility value — from cross-chain NFT financialization to certificate of user credit within the digital space. DAO governance, for example, DREP proposes an NFT-backed DID module that advocates reputation as a critical factor in community management.

Welcome New Ambassador into DREP Turkish Community

During DREP Turkish ambassador program, DREP team was continuously impressed by the vibrant community, who kept contributing to DREP’s long-term success. DREP has maintained good user operation and regularly initiated community events, such as DREP bounty programs, AMAs, and a series of incentive events with Binance, to reward DREP supporters on diversified occasions, and expand our influence internationally step by step.

AMA with CCC.io to Illustrate DREP’s Web 3.0 Vision

Following the finale of DREP Turkish Ambassador program, DREP kept exploring new opportunities to invigorate global communities. DREP CMO, Yana took part in CCC.io (Crypto Coin Coach)’s live interview, where she provided a full explanation on DREP’s 2.0 key solutions, such as DREP Chain, DREP Credit, DREP DID, etc., DREP’s innovative technology that differentiates itself from others, and shed a light on the upcoming NFT product along with a series of following up activities.

Listen to the recording: https://twitter.com/DrepOfficial/status/1561615833603772417?s=20&t=m45_gLYlggWWiop8EaupFQ

For more information,

DREP Official Website: https://www.drep.org/

Telegram group: https://t.me/drep_foundation

DREP Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrepOfficial

DREP Crossing: https://www.crossing.network



DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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DREP Foundation

DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.