DREP MONTHLY REPORT 5.1–5.31| New $DREP/$BUSD Trading Pair on Binance | Evolve to be a Fully-Fledged Web3.0 Infrastructure

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4 min readJun 8, 2022


Dear DREPers,

Summer winds blow away May when DREP dug out more opportunities for technological development and ecosystem expansion. DREP was refining its role as a web 3.0 toolkit and will explore new possibilities in the future. DREP made solid improvements in May on both tech side and eco side, check the content below for more details.

Regarding the technological side, DREP has been exerting R&D to fuse Web 3.0 forces and NFTs. DREP dev team is now experimenting new functions on an upcoming NFT product, which will be able to challenge the inconsistency and compatibility among the existing NFT marketplaces. To be a better DAO infrastructure, DREP’s first NFT product will be on stage only when it is fully ready, aiming to bridge the gap in the NFT market.

For DREP’s Ecosystem, DREP has increased social engagement frequencies and obtained recognition that indicates DREP’s growth strength. To be specific, DREP has a newly added trading pair on Binance and was ranked on BSC honor rolls — these are all perfect demonstrations of DREP’s efforts to continuous improvements.


DREP’s evolution towards a Web 3.0 infrastructure

Since DREP’s foundation in 2018, we’ve held on to our vision into Web 3.0 toolkits for better DAO governance. DREP has been extending the potential beyond DREP infrastructure, and developing a bundle of solid products, such as DREP Credit, DREP SDK, and DREP Crossing, so as to deliver the best possible services and experience for both users and Web 3.0 builders. DREP is committed to becoming a Web3.0 building block that consistently expands its influence and functionality in Metaverse.

Penetrate into the realm of NFT

The market size and volumes of NFTs are exploding in the new era of Web 3.0, however, the current industry is still inconvenient for users to get a market overview, let alone find a way to keep track of NFT data. Another pain point is that NFT players often need to undertake a time-consuming process for cross-chain swap of digital assets, which may also lead to redundant gas fees and low market efficiency.

Corresponding to the challenges, DREP is now developing a pedia-like NFT product, which is not only a data hub, but also a NFT corner to gather all NFT lovers to learn, trade, communicate, and find the like-minded and share experiences. The product contains the potential to solve the aforementioned problems, enhance market mobility, and optimize user experience while making deals.


Synergy between DREP and Binance

DREP has been working unstoppable to lead a path in Web 3.0 DeFi economy and giving back to our community.

On 27th of May, Binance has officially added $DREP/$BUSD, a new trading pair aside from $DREP/$BTC and $DREP/$USDT on its platform, giving DREP holders one more option to make flexible portfolio plans.

Most excitingly, DREP has taken part in Binance Referral Program to provide more earning opportunities for new users to Binance. Everyone who register Binance via DREP referral link can earn 20% commission rewards on trading fees for all their transactions on spot markets! Meanwhile, Binance is offering up to 50% APY for $DREP, meaning users who lock in $DREP for 30 days can now enjoy 50% annualized interest rate! (More details at: https://drep-foundation.medium.com/21d5b841e81b)

Social accomplishment by ranks

DREP has witnessed its soaring social impact and impressive market presence recently. As one of the best-in-class DeFi projects, DREP has made several appearances on major rankings on LunarCrush this month owing to global-wide social influence in arm of an active community support. DREP again made into the top 10 BSC (Binance Smart Chain) project, moreover, the top 10 coins by LunarCrush AltRank™ with leading combined social + market activity. By keeping progress transparent, dedicating in community management and striving for high-quality partnerships, DREP is proud to realize sustainable community-led growth. DREP keeps challenging its limits and is hoping for more trust and support.

For more information,

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DREP Official Website: https://www.drep.org/

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