DREP Monthly Report 1.1–1.31 | DREP Released 2022 Roadmap; DREP Entered Binance Savings Asset List; $DREP Ranks Top 10 Coins

Dear DREPers,

DREP had a fulfilling month this January. By entering Binance Savings supported asset list and being ranked as Top 10 Coins by renowned crypto media Lunar Crush and BSC Daily, DREP had harvested quite a brand awareness, and gained a great number of active users in DREP’s Web 3.0 products, with which DREP’s total user number had soared up to 1M. Client wise, DREP had provided technical support to over 60 enterprises in the various fields with its Web 3 toolkits. A major business expansion is around the corner, to tackle the potential obstacles and challenges along the way, DREP will act upon the 2022 Roadmap, gearing up, and get itself ready to be the engine of Web 3.0.

In terms of technical products, at the beginning of this year, DREP released 2022 Roadmap, and has been following it since. DREP has set about to better the construction of multi-chain credit infrastructure, improve DREP chain and optimize solutions to Web 3.0 User Portrait and Web 3+GameFi through multiple upgrading and expanding. The DREP 2022 Roadmap is a crucial step for DREP to carve out its own niche in the Web 3.0 era. Marching towards then excelling itself in the Web 3.0 era is DREP’s unwavering commitment and goal at this stage, and like in any industry, the competitiveness of its players comes down to the quality of their products and services. With these ongoing and upcoming plans, DREP hopes to attract more users and secure greater outcomes.

In terms of ecosystem, $DREP has ranked TOP10 Coins by crypto media such as Lunarcrush and BSCDaily. Campaigns with Binance Savings and other partners have been launched, which bring great benefits to $DREP holders as well as the users and business partners. DREP is currently on the way to harness its own incredible technology and vibrant ecosystem, with a view to integrating into the inevitable trend of Web 3.0 and Metaverse, benefiting the GameFi and NFT players.


DREP 2022 Roadmap Released

To develop the multi-chain credit infrastructure, DREP mapped out detailed upgrading plans for its technology and products. For DREP Credit V2.0, an upgrade of its on-chain KYC modules and credit-voting and credit-governance modules is a promising move. At the same time, DREP is aimed at building more plug-ins to support more social platforms including Discord, Reddit, etc. besides Telegram and Twitter at the moment. In addition to that, DREP will expand DREP Credit V2.0 user base from more EVM chains. For DREP Reputation Protocol, DREP plans to strengthen incentive and punishment system of validator, enhance the solutions to Sybil Attack and other hostile behaviors, and introduce whitelisted third parties to optimize reputation verification mechanism. For DREP DID, DREP will apply Zero Knowledge Proof to strengthen the user privacy protection in DREP DID system, then accelerate the adoption of DREP DID and provide a cost-effective and seamless integration experience.

The DREP Chain also requires improvements within the DAO-Layer. To achieve so, DREP will optimize the scalability and fee structure of vertical chain specialized in DAO-Layer and improve interoperability with more layer1 and layer 2 facilities. Another approach is to promote the optimization of zero-gas solutions. DREP will developing DREP Smart Pipeline V2.0 to deal with loads of credit data transactions while enhancing compatibility with multi-chains.

Optimizing DREP’s Web 3.0 toolkits is imperative for DREP to expand client base and business scale. DREP correspondingly came up with Web 3.0 user portrait solutions and Web 3 + GameFi solutions. The former involves several revamping actions for DREP Crossing V2.0, which are expanding multi-asset support and exploring cross-chain swap of NFTs, enhancing multilateral security and constraints of third parties, adding collateral requirements of DREP tokens, and expanding multi-chain support to Solana, Avalanche, Near, Flow, etc. The former also includes few steps from the perspective of DREP NFT Explorer V1.0 such as accessing NFT user portraits based on DREP DID + NFT explorer data base, developing the data hub of multi-chain NFT assets, providing the rarity ranking and crowd-rating scores of representative NFTs and building NFT OTC trading tools without commissions. Two moves are embodied in the latter one, which are developing embedded Play-to-earn toolkits based on DREP Game SDK and transforming DREP Crossing into a pluggable payment system for DREP Gamification tools, and opening DAO Exploration to explore DREP Crossing + cross-platform trading of GameFi asset ownership and DREP Credit + cross-platform GameFi users credit verification.


$DREP Ranks Top 10 Coins

Based on social activity, trading volume and many other perspectives, $DREP has successfully ranked TOP10 Coins for three consecutive months from November 2021 to January 2022 according to the statistics of Altrank of Lunarcrush and BSCDaily. The recognition from wellknown industry media shows the unlimited potential of DREP in 2022.

Joint Campaigns with Binance Savings

In December, DREP launched a joint campaign with Binance Savings to bring $DREP holders more benefits. What followed shortly was that in January DREP took an extremely important step that Binance had added $DREP to the list of supported assets on Binance Savings and all DREP holders are enabled to earn 80% APY through participations. Meanwhile more activities with other exchanges and partnerships will kick off to seek benefits for $DREP holders, contributing to the long-term development of DREP.

User and Business Expansion

The aggregate number of DREP Web 3.0 users has reached 1 million, which boosts DREP brand awareness in the Metaverse arena! DREP will build more plug-ins to support Discord, Reddit, etc. (Now Telegram and Twitter are supported), and expand user base from more EVM chains (Now with more than 310,000 active user base). As a leading project committed towards building Web 3.0 toolkits, DREP has provided technical support to more than 60 enterprises in the fields of finance, real estate, consumer internet, games, supply chain and more, and maintained good partnerships with them for more further cooperations on this basis. DREP is currently on the way to harness its own incredible technology and vibrant ecosystem, with a view to integrating into the inevitable trend of Web 3.0 and Metaverse, benefiting the GameFi players and NFT holders.

The above is the DREP team’s monthly report for January 2022. DREP will keep staying true to its original spirit and stick to its path to further advance DREP’s technical and ecological development, yielding more ground-breaking results. Thanks to the members of the DREP community for their attention and support!

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DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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DREP Foundation

DREP Foundation

DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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