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4 min readApr 19, 2022


The gamefi market has received more and more popularity in recent years, with an even opportunity for everyone to experience the P2E (play to earn) economy. Gamefi has become an engine to power society in the digital era, and it has flooding around many places such as Southeast Asia. However, insidious problems are still swaying the whole market.

Luckily, the DREP SDK and the DREP reputation system are able to solve the current issues by combining off-chain with on-chain transactions, and everyone’s behavior reflected from historical data will be displayed in the DREP reputation protocol. Therefore, DREP can make gamefi experience more convenient, and more secure.

Deficiencies of the Current Gamefi Market

Hard to fit into Web3.0

The current Gamefi economy is still suffering from off-chain to on-chain transactions. Without an appropriate and adaptable SDK, users are annoyed at procedures to transform the off-chain assets into digital ones, and cross-chain payment also confronts much friction. This not only impedes the market liquidity but also obstructs the gamefi economy from marching into Web3.0.

The common way to record data in gamefi stands still at using the Google sheet. Utilizing a versatile tool to cover the whole process, including questionnaires, users’ data and feedback, to record data can help gamfi integrate into Web3.0 more, but the current gamfi market is still using a Web2.0 tool, which calls for urgent changes.

Lack of transparency

Without a piece of equipment to provide transparent information about guilds and managers, ordinary customers are often baffled at making plans for which one to choose and follow. As what goes by some criticizers, the gamefi market is no more than a Ponzi scheme, where profits are only acquired by those at the top of the hierarchy. Furthermore, for those who hold a foggy cognition of the market is easy to be confronted with information security issues and to be swindled. These are all due to the fact that the gamefi market is such a mixed bag and the lack of adequate information to count on.

Not only customers are on the confusing side, guilds and gamefi platforms also suffer from the same trouble. High-quality customers have the capacity to improve the quality of the entire guild, but an ideal way to choose appropriate ones is still out of the reach of the current gamfi market.

What DREP Can Do


With the DREP Game SDK, cross-chain transactions can be realized with much less friction. A wide range of games built on-chain can connect to a certain chain ecosystem like ETH, EOS, and TRON, and digital assets are established directly into the game system. In addition, It is also beneficial for traditional game players for they can move on-chain directly, thus cost of educating newcomers can also be lowered fairly. Assets in-game can be used directly to pay, mortgage and trade, and players possessing DREP ID can also share and aggregate data which offers a lifted game experience in a Web 3.0 fashion.

The crossing network function equipped with DREP can make gamefi operate even more efficiently. DREP plays a role in different blockchain economies, the embedded assets can be exchanged between various blockchains. What’s more, DREP is capable of quick token exchange and NFT swap, hugely improving the market liquidity and the experience sentiment.

We have proved our ability with cooperation with so many launched large-scale games, game distribution operation platforms, game associations, etc. For example, the current disclosed gamefi partners include Gamebank, Legion, TonArts and Touluo Media. In the near future, more partners will be announced and DREP will do better at achieving the convenience of gamefi experience!

A Reputation System

The reputation system of DREP is applicable for optimizing the on-chain security issues. Users’ and managers’ on-chain behaviors are recorded accumulatively in the system, which can function as a reference for both sides. We are prepared to serve as a filter for customers to recognize and find out reliable guilds and gamefi and vice versa.

Specifically, the DREP DID, which is highly acknowledged by the Decentralized Identity Foundation(DIF), is one that belongs to our reputation system. Data of users are accumulated through their history transactions, by which one can be appraised through their on-chain behaviors. Not only that, DREP DID also provides users with a cross-chain credit data system, where their authenticity can be assured at a higher level. Therefore, information about different guilds and gamefi can be transparent at DREP protocol, customers are able to choose a dependable one to join.

DREP is hoping…

DREP has been working to enhance the ability to deal with drawbacks extant on blockchains, and better services will be anticipated in the future, to propel Defi into Web3.0.

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