DREP Enrolls in Binance Referral Program, Earn DREP Bounty Points & 20% Commission Rewards on Binance Now!

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4 min readJun 8, 2022


As a pioneer of Web 3.0 toolkits which will usher in a credit DeFi era, DREP has seen growth in its product development as well as user adoption. Following added up a new trading pair ($DREP/$BUSD) on Binance, and to give back for community’s unwavering support, DREP will provide DREP users a special offer with Binance referral program!

Via DREP referral link, new members or newly created accounts of Binance can enjoy a 20% instant rebate on trading fees on Binance spot markets!

Beginners Guide to Claim 20% Rewards

New users can register for Binance using DREP referral link to claim the sign-up bonus, while if you are already on Binance, you can also invite friends or create new accounts to earn rewards via the same link.

  • Click right on the referral link to register
  • Follow the instruction and verify your account on Binance
  • Receive a 20% rebate on trading fees every time you make spot trading

Redeem Extra Bounty Points on DREP Credit

As a leading community accelerator with a 350k+ active user base, DREP Credit is one of the best proofs of the underlying potential of DREP’s infrastructure. In order to promote the portraits of DeFi users and strengthen credit investment, DREP Credit acts as a cross-platform middleware system that forms a credit data network, and has become a driving force of DREP community, with more than 43k users connected their wallets on DREP Credit’s official website.

DREP Credit will now provide further impetus for Binance Referral Program, and bring more benefits to all DREP users who register and trade on Binance. From June 8th to August 8th, once you sign up for Binance over DREP Credit or DREP Credit official Website, you will earn extra DREP bounty points in addition to a welcome bonus on Binance!

Guide to DREP Credit Website:

  • Head over to DREP Credit Website
  • Click right on the banner and sign up on Binance
  • Return to DREP Credit website and click “Verification”
  • Claim your DREP bounty points on DREP Credit :)

Guide to DREP Credit Telegram:

  • Join DREP Credit and complete captcha
  • Reply “sign-up” and register for Binance
  • Link your wallet and receive DREP bounty points

Quick Navigation to Binance

To facilitate DREP users and community to get instant access to DREP&Binance referral program, and also to benefit more new users, DREP has set up an additional Binance referral link in the top navigation bar on the official website. Moreover, the link has also been embedded in the “Network” section at the bottom of the website. Users can easily direct to Binance and then trade their $DREP holdings right away. With Binance referral link embedded on DREP’s official website, DREP users will be refered to Binance landing page by simply clicking Binance icons, they can then follow the instruction to register and verify Binance accounts, and claim sign-up bonus as well as DREP rewards!

A new data board is generated at the bottom of the website for users to grab the first-hand information of $DREP. Displayed are real-time price and chart powered by Binance.com, while a click on it will direct users to Binance.com and make trades straight on.

Binance Offers up to 50% APY on DREP Locked Savings

In the meantime, with the support of Binance and our global community, we are now offering up to 50% APY on $DREP savings at Binance. The community will be able to lock in their $DREP and earn benefits NOW!

Steps to earn:

  1. Go to Binance (If you are a new member, you’re highly recommended to create Binance Account with our referral link, to save 20% trading fees for all your spot trades at Binance)
  2. Visit Binance Savings page
  3. Search $DREP and then lock in

About DREP Foundation

DREP is committed to building Web 3.0 connectors and toolkits based on blockchain technology, providing solutions that combine ease of use, flexibility and frictionless integration. Based on DREP Chain, DREP ID, DREP Crossing, DREP Credit and DREP SDK, DApp builders and R&D teams are able to release multi-public-chain asset versions, built-in wallets and asset trading platforms on top of DREP infrastructure.

Get 20% rewards on trading fees at Binance: https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=UXJKLGHP

For more information,

Telegram group: https://t.me/drep_foundation

DREP Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrepOfficial

DREP Official Website: https://www.drep.org/

DREP Crossing: https://www.crossing.network



DREP Foundation

DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.