DREP: Dive Deep into DeFi towards the Web 3.0 Era

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4 min readOct 25, 2021


Web 3.0 is well positioned to fundamentally alter our Crypto landscape. DREP makes every effort to fuel the growth of the industry through a constant upgrade on the DREP 2.0 product line, moving steps closer to the era of Web 3.0 as the leading Blockchain Connector and Toolkit in the industry. Faced with the new conditions and challenges in the new era, the DREP team endeavors to innovate in the transition stage and seize the new opportunities to step into the Web 3.0 era.

A Vision into the Crypto Future

With tremendous focus and attention on the crypto industry, 2021 is no doubt a year for the crypto world, and it is still evolving to exert more influence on both the digital world and the physical one. Fully aware of the trends and craze within the industry, DREP develops a long-term vision for what’s coming next in the Crypto world — Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 is a more fundamental disruption than Web 2.0, which is reflected in its characteristic features of decentralized, private and secure. This tremendous paradigm shift for the Internet entails the introduction of trust or verifiability into the web. Based on edge computing, decentralized data networks and artificial intelligence, Web 3.0 aims to form a decentralized means of protecting internet data and provides a future where distributed users and machines have access to the trade of value, information and work with global counter-parties via a substrate of peer-to-peer networks without an intermediary. This will facilitate a worldwide data warehouse where any format of data can be shared and understood by any device over any network.

DREP in the Web 3.0 Era

The DREP team is striving to unlock infinite possibilities based on the ground-breaking Blockchain Technology. We have kept on working on developing products and transforming difficulties and challenges into opportunities.


In terms of technical products, DREP has made prominent breakthroughs in taking steps closer to the Web 3.0 era based on our relentless work on DREP 2.0 Product Line.

DREP Crossing is the ultimate solution to efficient and flexible cross-chain swap of multiple assets including NFTs, which proves to be the optimal toolkit in the Web 3.0 era with its superior performance. As for cross-protocol credit granting and credit transfer, DREP Credit DID fully improve the accuracy and efficiency of the DeFi protocol, providing a more flexible and seamless experience to users. DID also proves to be the key to the NFT craze for its role in giving users more control over their personal data and identity. Moreover, DREP Credit Oracle & Credit Explorer characterizes both the traits of integration of users’ credit data and decentralized delegation. DREP Token, the primary approach for fee payment, fully captures the value of the entire credit-data network. To better cater to the demands in the coming Web 3.0, we are also committed to building a DeFi Credit Protocol, which will change the single method of credit enhancement in the DeFi field through over-collateralization and enhance the multidimensional credit investigation of DeFi user portraits.

Rising to the Challenges

Like any novel technology, Web 3.0 also comes with hurdles. DREP intends to remove the obstacles lying ahead to create an improved environment for the whole industry and our community. DREP team is fully aware of the potential concern and demand for handling the challenges properly. The challenges mainly concern unauthorized access and manipulation of data, autonomous initiation of actions and the development of harmful scripts and languages.

DREP DID provides a superior and secure environment for users and addresses the problem of proving personal identity. Moreover, to mitigate the risks arising from the use of Web 3.0, the DeFi Credit Protocol and DREP Credit Oracle both have a part to play. With an authentic middle-ware database, cross-protocol credit granting and credit transfer are more efficient for our DREP team and more secure to investors. Looking forward, DREP will further speed up the improvement of community governance and ecological construction, so as to maximize the value.

DREP has developed a wide array of international communities in different languages and connected diverse users from various fields. With the continuous surge of users in the platform, it is pertinent for global users to communicate and exchange information. DREP continues to bring together crypto enthusiasts and NFT lovers to our community, we will see more vitality injected into the Web 3.0 driving us forward to realize more goals.

The forthcoming wave of Web 3.0 enables a future where open, trustless and permissionless networks are built and that’s where we are headed. DREP will make continuous efforts to follow the new trends, strengthen our resolve to develop ever-upgrading products, fully grasp the opportunities brought forth by Web 3.0 and then step into this evolution intelligently.

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