DREP Defi&NFT: an emerging driving force

1.DREP’s Recent Technological Update

The current situation of Defi&NFT

Over the past year, DeFi has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and is redefining the future of finance. The underlying infrastructure that powers financial applications is undergoing major changes. As DeFi is changing the way we think about authority, control, transparency and risks, it also exerts certain challenges to consumers in terms of user experience, safety, transaction rollback, trusteeship, etc.; and to developers in ways of CRM, communication, participation analysis, identification, etc.

Under the present policy, NFT is in a relatively delicate status. Although didn’t receive a direct blow, NFT is still on the verge of supervision, and no one can predict the trend in the future.NFTs need to evaluate their respective values, they cannot exchange in an equivalent way and trade in batches, so the liquidity will not be the same as FTs. This unique attribute makes NFTs naturally unsuitable for high-frequency trading and can only be applied to digital products such as artworks and collectibles.

DREP’s New Defi+NFT Mapping

Since the introduction of DREP 2.0, the team has kept working on developing the DREP credit NFT assets delegation and transfer system to provide more trusting and convenient DeFi solutions for our community. As the first product released in the DREP 2.0 Product line, the DREP Crossing is typically characterized by diverse unique features, such as multi-chain support, diverse token support, decentralized system and rich liquidity pool incentives. The team have worked to improve and test the token mapping method so as to provide better services for users to exchange and transfer their multiple assets including NFTs. Currently our Crossing can effectively and innovatively reduce barriers in cross-chain swap and multiple assets circulation.

As an interface application, DREP Credit is of great assistance in determining vital parameters. With the support of Defi products and NFT, the Defi Credit Middleware is able to see new possibilities through DeFi Credit layer 2 solutions such as DREP Credit Oracle and Credit Explorer. Since the official launching, DREP Credit has drawn adoption form many partners. For, example, the emerging Duet Protocol has continuously promoted the development of Defi Credit, which plays an important role as both a decentralized credit-data middleware and a community growth accelerator.

DREP believe that NFTs will not merely be an Art-market bubble, but instead, a breaking opportunity for many fields in the future, such as asset and identity management. By exploring GameFi Credit solutions, the team has proved the significance of NFT in data asset management and opened up more possibilities for NFT applications beyond its utilities as art work collectibles.

Up until now, DREP is building a Defi+NFT service network. We launched DREP Crossing, an ultimate solution to NFT cross-chain swap & multi assets circulation, and introduced DREP Credit application into many aspects of our product lines. Now DREP’s Defi+NFT ecology has drawn more than 230,000 DREP Credit users. DREP is also about to issue a white list for NFT that are verifiable according to different situations of different regions. DREP’s international and multilingual communities is off great help for Crossing to progress and expand Crossing’s function & user spans. Apart from Crossing, which is a cornerstone of DREP Defi+NFT initiation, DREP has established a database with DREP Credit. It not only a data collector of users information based on decentralized guidelines, it also a helper for our users. It can attend to DREPers with their problems and guide them to find the right path to seek help or to get the wanted message. DREP Credit raised DREP user’s royalty and the stickness in our communities. For the latest record, DREP Credit now has more than 230,000 active users. From the above, DREP has made its integrated unique Defi+NFT product line.

2.The Development Trend of the Sector

In the Defi world, changes and opportunities are emerging every day.

Transforming 5G for Defi

For, example, 5G will reinvent lots and be transformative. The 5G standard is another worldview in information transmission, which is yet thought little of by many. Its execution will prompt the increase of recent ideas and styles of administrations and can influence how the mining is assembled, what Defi applications are being developed, and also the sky’s the limit from there. For all crypto administrators, 5G can mean higher mining capacity, lower budget control, and more lucrative development. DREP team is bound to follow the 5G trend. DREP’ new updating for Crossing+NFT as well as the database building implemented by DREP Credit will be benefited by new telecom inventions. Some day, through new and proficient utilization of telecom technology and computer science, the mining and cryptocurrency can be clear of the accusation of “not being green enough”.

The Crypto market is expecting better risk control

Moreover, risk assessment models will improve. Against the muse of the ascent within the worth of bitcoin, there’s an earnest requirement for an excellent danger evaluation model. This request is not for the crypto investor but our DREP team. As the market becomes more mature and complete, a risk-control back-up for investors and administrators is equally important. As DREP move to the next stage developing, we will build more credible and secure applications and enhance the already-have safety control system.

DREP’s vision

With DREP Crossing and DREP Credit being the cornerstone of New DREP Protocol. DREP is aiming high to be the leader in NFT cross-chain service and Defi Credit expanding. As the world is seeing more acceptance of cryptocurrency and Defi, our team’s Defi+NFT & DREP Credit model is a feasible solution to highlight our future development and empower our resolution to stay steadily growing. DREP is to stay active with users and put more efforts in innovating products and services to strengthen ourselves with more ambition in the new Defi Era.

For more information,

join our Telegram group: https://t.me/drep_foundation

DREP Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrepOfficial

DREP Official Website: https://www.drep.org/

DREP Crossing: https://www.crossing.network




DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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DREP Foundation

DREP Foundation

DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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