DREP Crossing User Guide

With the official launch of DREP Crossing, we prepared a user guide to make sure you understand its functions and guide you through the steps in conducting cross-chain swap on Crossing in detail. By communicating with the users and receiving feedback from our community, we aim at further improving Crossing’s user experience and launch more practical functions (including NFT swap) in the near future.

Explore Crossing: https://www.crossing.network/

Cross-chain Swap Guide

  1. Begin by connect to your wallet first (WalletConnect, Coinbase wallet, etc).

2. Select the type of token you want to swap using the drop down menu here.

Note: users can submit their applications to add any type of token they wish through the [Token submit] button on the top right on the page. Once passed the review and approved by the team, the type of token will be supported for cross-chain swap on Crossing.

3. Choose which you want to swap your tokens from, and which chain you swap to, using the drop down menus. (Crossing has already gone live on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi Eco Chain (Heco Chain) and Gate-Chain.)

Note: The cross-chain swap is based on requests from both chains (chain A and chain B). For example, when user initiates a swap from chain A, the swap will only be successful when there is also a swap initiated from chain B with an amount that’s larger than chain A’s. If the swap amount from chain B is smaller than that from chain A, only the swap from chain B will succeed. If the swap amounts from A and B equal with each other, the swaps will both be successful.

4. Enter your address to receive tokens when the swap is finished. If it is the same as your currently connected wallet address, simply click [Same] to finish this step.

5. Enter the amount of tokens you want to swap. If you want to swap all of your balance in the connected wallet address, simply click [Max] to finish this step.

6. Submit your swap request! Once submitted successfully, a gas fee will be charged for the contract to process your request. Remember that you request will be completed only when the corresponding amount is reached on the other chain. Please wait patiently for the swap results.

Token Application Guide

In Crossing, the [Token submit] function allows users to submit their application to add a new type of token that can be cross-chain swapped on the platform. Upon clicking this button, users will be guided to fill out a form including the addresses of the token on certain chains, the applicant’s contact information, etc. After the application is reviewed and approved by the staff, the bridge will support the cross-chain transaction of this token on the submitted chains.

This function will offer users the choice of adding their preferred asset types and greatly enrich the multi-asset portfolio supported on the Crossing platform.

To Be Updated…

In the initial stage after its launch, we hope to seek valuable opinions and suggestions on UI/UX (website user interface design and interaction) and other issues regarding Crossing from our community. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to join our Telegram community now: https://t.me/drep_foundation

In the near future, we will be launching more functions regarding NFT cross-chain swap on the Crossing platform. This user guide will keep updating with new functions coming alive. Stay tuned and stay prepared!




DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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DREP Foundation

DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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