DREP Biweekly Updates 02.04–02.18

Dear DREP community,

It has been a while since we post the updates! Hope everyone is doing as well as the recent cryptocurrency market right now :)

The following content covers the development, business development and global community dynamics of DREP in the past several weeks. Welcome to review and share.


| The main project on the DREP Chain docks with Smart Pipelines and improves the performance of data transactions while enhancing compatibility and efficiency.

| The corresponding basic function v1.0 developed by DREP Wallet has been completed.

| Blockchain Games Incubator Game Farmer joins hands with DREP to explore the development and operation of games on the blockchain.

| Rating agency TokenInsight visited DREP to learn about DREP’s latest development.

| DREP Lead Developer Eric held a technical AMA with the overseas community and the open-sourced Github has received much attention.

Development Progress

In the beginning of 2019, DREP released and open sourced DREP Testnet 1.0 Darwin. The Dev team will continue to develop relevant work around Testnet 2.0 and build a comprehensive and efficient system.


1. Fix the bug that the resulting block cannot be synchronized due to some lost status data in the database after a node on the DREP Chain is restarted;

2. Cooperate with front-end DREP Wallet development to generate dynamic library files, which is convenient for JS code calls of developers after open source;

3. Move the state tree statetrie from memory to the database, and modify the database commit and rollback logic to improve the efficiency of chain-to-memory usage and improve the consistency and security of the database state of each node;

4. Refactor and optimize the p2p network layer and cli command line components, implement the service interface, dock with the new code structure, decouple the code, separate the function points, and make the project more flexible and scalable.

Reputation and Smart Pipeline:

  • The main project on the DREP Chain docks with Smart Pipelines and improves the performance of data transactions while enhancing compatibility and efficiency;
  • Encapsulate and adjust the relevant functions of the Smart Pipeline call interface, and optimize the access related code to improve security.
  • Introduce high-precision reputation algorithm library to Smart Pipeline. In the future there will be more algorithms to enter and build a complete Smart Reputation system.
  • The reputation system performs a variety of load tests and optimizes the algorithm.

Wallet Development:

The corresponding DREP Wallet function v1.0 is basically completed, and the functions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Basic account functions, such as creating accounts, creating wallets, and storing, importing, and exporting keystores;
  • Quick access to coin information, transaction records, payment and withdrawal details;
  • Support of cryotocurrencies including BTC, ETH, and DREP. More will be added later);
  • Other basic settings including language, coin category, feedback submission, etc.

The wallet automatically adjusts the display resolution based on the size of the computer screen.

Marketing Activity

Blockchain game incubator Game Farmer joins hands with DREP to explore game development and operations on the chain

On February 14th, the DREP core team hosted Game Farmer founder Hu Xuanfeng and Angel Mo, the founder of Jiaoyang Network, which focuses on the overseas operation of games. DREP’s core team, represented by co-founder Xiaolong, thoroughly introduced the technical architecture and planning of DREP on the core issues of blockchain game developer tools, gaming digital asset on-chain trading and cross-chain digital ID introduction. Both parties reached a consensus on strategic long-term cooperation. More details will be announced.

TokenInsight visits DREP to learn about DREP's latest development

On February 15th, Alex Zuo, co-founder of TokenInsight, a leading research organization focusing on data and rating services, visited DREP’s office. TokenInsight focuses on blockchain project ratings to help digital currency investors and crypto exchanges do due diligence, avoid risks and increase revenue. DREP showed TokenInsight the recent project developments and market progress of DREP to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of DREP information perceived by research institutions and the markets.

DREP Lead Developer Eric held a technical AMA with the overseas community and the open-sourced Github has received much attention

DREP’s Lead Developer, Eric, hosted a technical AMA after Github’s open source and answered dozens of questions from global communities, including wallet development, reputation algorithm development, and comparisons between DREP and other projects such as Grin. The scene was very lively and once sent the DREP community to the top 50 of the Fansindex list.

Overseas communities spent the lunar new year with DREPQuiz 101, useful and fun!

During the busy New Year, DREP team did not forget the overseas community. From February 4th to 10th, DREP held a week-long DREPQuiz101 event, and two prize-winning questions each day included project development knowledge, partner content and market hotspots. During the New Year, the DREP overseas group also demonstrates a very lively scene.

The above is the full content of this week’s biweekly report. Thanks to everyone’s continued attention to DREP, DREP’s targeted ecosystem is gradually enriched and expanded.

We cannot have gone this far with the support of community. If you have any cooperation proposals and suggestions, please contact us at pr@drep.org or @foundationdrep on Twitter. We will reply as soon as possible.

ABOUT DREP Foundation

DREP Foundation is devoted to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. Focusing on two industry pain points: lack of user adoption and low transaction throughput, DREP Foundation aims to provide highly scalable, modular blockchain architecture for deployment of a reputation protocol that any types of platforms can use.

DREP envisions a global plan to empower a wide array of platforms to have tokenized reputation ecosystem deployed on top of DREP Chain, which is secure, scalable and reputation data supportive.

DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.