DREP: An Up-and-Coming Builder for Metaverse

With the concept of Metaverse in full swing, big tech seeks its next fortune successively in the Metaverse: Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, Microsoft announced the rolling out of its own metaverse. However, the Metaverse remains more aspirational than real currently at this early stage.

Forces that are keen to promote the concept of Metaverse are manifold, but chief among them is the Crypto industry. By virtue of its powerful public chain and sophisticated Web 3.0 infrastructure, the Crypto industry is expected to become the underlying protocol for the Metaverse.

As the top-notch blockchain solution provider, DREP productively creates decentralized underlying technology to ensure the security of utilizing this platform and strives to be ahead of the curve in the construction of the Metaverse.

Redefine DREP in the Metaverse

It is widely perceived that the Metaverse is a hypothesized iteration of the Internet, which is parallel to the physical world. However, the relationship between the virtual world and the physical world is complement each other rather than a simple parallel or plus relationship.

Being cognizant of this notion, the DREP team focuses on the underlying technology and infrastructure required for the construction of the Metaverse, analyzes the current factors limiting the development of the Metaverse and provides strong support and guarantee for the magnificent world by combining the salient characteristics of blockchain such as clear ownership, tamper-resistance and traceability.

The composability that DREP has brought forth has been made full use of in DeFi, fully improving the accuracy and efficiency of the DeFi Protocol. Not only that, it is expected to fulfill its full potential among NFT assets and the Metaverse.

DREP — Safeguard in the Metaverse

The formation of the Metaverse should be on the premise of the user’s personal identity. In order to store users’ assets and information records securely in the information world and prevent them from being tampered with, blockchain should be valued as a trusted infrastructure.

To this end, DREP DID can serve as a safeguard in the Metaverse to ensure the validity of information and digital identity in that it realizes interactive authentication through asymmetric-key encryption. Apart from this, DREP DID provides an intelligent way to quantify and capitalize users’ credit including historical transaction data, asset management, preference settings and even Internet social behaviors. Hence, DREP could act effectively and innovatively on the Metaverse’s aspect of value, which is further conducive to the macroscopic construction of the Metaverse.

Gamefi — New Track of the Metaverse

As mentioned above, blockchain technology is an indispensable underpinning of the Metaverse; Meanwhile, gamification is an inevitable trend in the evolution of this anticipated world.

Compared to the traditional concept of “free to play”, Gamefi creates the absorbing model of “play to earn” to bring forth a brand new economic incentive model. DREP Gamefi combines the application of gaming NFTs and DeFi to endow users and the community with more engagement and benefit all stakeholders.

When Gamefi is associated with the display technology of VR/AR/MR, users have access to optimal experience through interacting with real people or objects. On the other hand, Gamefi is capable of providing diversified games with good experience and high playability for the Metaverse, so as to enrich the content construction of this ideal world.

Perceived as a generational step-change, the Metaverse is expected to have a profound effect on day-to-day lives, not restricted to the tech field. To realize the ultimate vision of this techno-utopia, DREP is exerting itself to catalyze this emerging virtual realm enthusiastically by safeguarding security and breaking new paths for the Metaverse.

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DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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DREP Foundation

DREP Foundation

DREP 2.0 is the decentralized credit-data middleware based on layer-2 facilities, to be the backbone of DeFi Credit Era.

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