DREP 2023 Roadmap Update and DeFi+NFT Aggregator Launch Plan

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4 min readMay 11, 2023

Dear Drepers,

In 2023, we are all hands on deck to expand DREP’s scope of development and ecosystem reach even further, hence here we are to update the community with the latest DREP Roadmap of Q3 and Q4.

DREP 2023 Q3-Q4 Roadmap

After thorough testing, DREP proposes an upgrade plan internally and starts moving up to DeFi+NFT niche with the upcoming launch of LookFor Aggregator. During the recent months, DREP team have been actively working on market research and innovations, making a significant breakthrough in LookFor Aggregator’s development. With the increasing of iterations according to the evolving needs DeFi and NFT industry suggests, LookFor has finished a private testing round in Q2 alongside a major functionality upgrade of DREP token within its platform.

The foundation of DREP ecosystem has been solidified by DREP’s community expansion. In addition to the exponential growth that’s been seen in DREP Turkish community, which has surpassed a ATH weekly growth rate of 22x, DREP is on a mission of expanding the social networks to more parts of the world. From onboarding new CM team to dedicating to social media engagement, DREP always regards the community as our beating heart and strives for delivering the best possible experience to all of our stakeholders.

DREP DeFi+NFT Aggregator Launch underway

We are thrilled to announce that DREP’s NFT product — LookFor’s Launch is on the way!

LookFor is an omni portal that covers every sphere of NFT. Through offering a full suite of features covering from NFT marketplaces, search engines, analytical tools and NFT yield opportunities, It aims to become a holistic platform to reshape the NFT world into new dynamics.

LookFor stands on three core pillars — Explore, Earn and Learn to enforce a one-stop shop for all NFT market participants.

  • Explore

LookFor features such as market overview and NFT comparison allows for an instant overview of the comprehensive NFT market. Through stats dashboards and eye-catching rankings, it’s hard to lag behind the fast-growing NFT industry. LookFor enables NFT comparison either horizontally and vertically, to help users make informed decisions.

  • Earn

LookFor connects users with many popular NFT marketplaces, whereby they can finance their capital in a more efficient way. More excitingly, it will notify users for NFT yield opportunities in the market in the upcoming version.

  • Learn

Thanks to a Wikipedia-like NFT hub LookFor offers, anyone can have free access to NFT-related knowledge, news or any industry information. Meanwhile, LookFor will curate a Blog Center where creators can play around with UGC, interchange ideas and build their own Web3 community with like-minded people.

Enhanced DREP Token Utility Scheme

DREP is a utility token backed by real tech. It has undertaken a functionality upgrade from payment to massive use cases including staking, ticketing, voting and other major functions in the LookFor Aggregator.

By providing more use cases for DREP tokens within the LookFor, DREP Credit, and DREP Crossing platforms, the team is maximizing the consumption scenarios of DREP tokens and creating a virtuous cycle where the growth of the platform benefits DREP holders, while the increased utility of DREP tokens incentivizes more users to join the platform. Ultimately, this will help to create a thriving ecosystem where DREP token holders can truly benefit.

DREP Community Engagement & Outreach Initiative

In the ongoing journey of 2023, DREP is gearing up to amplify its efforts in community development. Attributed to its previous dedication in technical tool development, DREP has accumulated solid userbase of DREP toolkits.

Further, we will leverage the solid user foundation to develop a robust and engaging DREP token community. Simultaneously, expanding our local community presence is a top priority. We are proud of the notable strides we have made within the Turkish community and remain committed to expanding our traction and penetration worldwide, for example, we are on the track of onboarding local team to penetrate into more local communities such as Vietnamese, and seeking to foster meaningful connections with crypto enthusiasts around the globe.

DREP Turkish Community Highlights

The DREP team recognizes the importance of maintaining strong communication channels with our Exchange Partners and other Collaborators. We are committed to keeping our partners up to date with our progress in areas such as development, community growth, and upcoming milestones.

Moving forward, we will continue to make it a priority to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships. We believe that this is essential to achieving our vision and will help to drive the success of the DREP ecosystem.

DREP is committed towards building Web 3.0 connectors and toolkits based on blockchain technology, providing solutions that combine ease of use, flexibility and frictionless integration.

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